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Technical Translation

Native Speaker Translation, Inc. is the leading provider of technical translation services. We assemble a select team of translators with the applicable industry expertise and perform a high quality technical translation of whatever documents you require. We are your solution for highly accurate and technical translations of technical manuals, patent applications and engineering specifications.

Technical Translations

For companies to export their technology successfully, the translation of any related technical document is crucial to their success. Let us give you the peace of mind knowing that your technical translations are fully accurate in the target language. We have the experience, the know how and the people to put your technical information into whatever language you are targeting. Let us help you make that communication.

Some of the technical documents are frequently translate are:

Patents and Patent Applications

Scientific and White Papers

Engineering Specifications

Instruction and Operating Manuals

Data Sheets

Other Technical Documentation

Online Technical E-Learning Modules

Electronic Manuals and Guides


Technical Translator Teams

Our teams of technical translators will meet all the technical linguistic requirements of any potential client. We can translate technical documents from any language to any other language. Our technical service translators are selected based on their knowledge of the specific field involved in the technical document. All our technical translators deliver accurate and high quality translations. The procedure for any technical document, such as a complicated technical instruction manual, is first to select the linguists who possess the necessary academic credentials as well as real world experience in the specific technical subject.

All of our technical linguists have access to translation memories, dictionaries and industry specific terms, ensuring that their work is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.

Our expert project managers and design teams ensure that the content is accurately translated, published in the right format, and delivered on time and on budget. This frees the customer to focus on your job, whether it be launching a new product, increasing productivity or driving top line revenue.

Native Speaker Translations, Inc. is an expert in all large projects and can meet with all your time constraints.

Our in-house staff of software engineers and developers works with all types of program content and in all electronic file formats. We accept all file types and provide our customers with ready to publish files in any format required.

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