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Boost your business success with Native Speaker Translation Inc.'s Telephone Interpreting Services

Telephone interpreting can be either simultaneous translation or consecutive translation. If the participants in a phone call are happy to hear only the interpreter's voice, that would be simultaneous translation. If the participant want to hear the speaker's voice as well, that would be consecutive translation: the speaker will speak and then pause and wait for the translator to complete the translation. The caution about choosing simultaneous over consecutive is that since, over the telephone, the interpreter has no access to extra-linguistic clues as to the speaker's meaning and/or context of their intent, the accuracy of simultaneous telephone interpreting may be compromised.

Whichever you choose, we can provide it.

One quick call to us will give you instant access to telephonic interpreters for your non-English speaking customers. In today's international world, such immediate access to non-English speakers is necessary. We bring this service to you efficiently and affordably. Give yourself the opportunity to run connect with your customers whichever language they are comfortable in.

No matter how big or small your business, we can help. Our pricing structure is translation per minute. We have no hidden fees and no minimum charges. Talk to us about how we can help you.

Native Speaker Translation has a native in nearly every tongue.

We provide instant telephone interpretation services in more than 140 languages, and can handle call centers and all general business, legal, government and healthcare/medical divisions.

We make sure our telephone interpreters are carefully screened, certified and trained in OPI (Over-the-Phone Interpreting) techniques. They’re knowledgeable about healthcare-related claims and administrative hearings too. The result: They’re not simply providing word-for-word interpretation; they’re ensuring meanings come across loud and clear.

To learn more about our services, start today with a free quote by contact us via email or calling us today.

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