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Native Speaker Translation, Inc. provides legal translation services to law firms throughout North America, Europe, and the Far East. Our legal translation department specializes in commercial law, corporate law, Patent and Intellectual Property, Tax, International law and translation of certificates.

These translations are executed by our certified expert legal translators. They translate legal documents into only their native language. Most translators reside in country, for example, Russian translators in Russia, Swedish in Sweden, and so on. This principle, along with our other quality procedures, guarantee that your legal translation will be completed as professionally as if it were executed by a native speaking attorney.

Translation of Certificates and other official documents - our legal translation service also translate certificates and all other official documents. Courts, immigration services, and many other government offices require a translation to be certified before the document can be accepted as valid. Our account managers will gladly work with you to ascertain the requirements of your certified translation and your project will be staffed accordingly.

A note on privacy: all of the translators at Native Speaker Translation, Inc. sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Customers are protected by these terms in the agreement. For certain enterprise customers, we add on to that protection with customer specific NDAs.

Native Speaker Translation, Inc. Certificate – we provide customers with a translation certificate on demand. The Native Speaker Translation, Inc. certificate is accepted by U.S. courts nationwide, embassies, immigration services and other official government organizations. We deliver translations with a certificate of accuracy, which states that the translation is, to the best of our knowledge, correct and has been prepared by a team of professional translators who are proficient in the source and target language. Apostilled certificates of accuracy are available upon request. Please note that we do not provide notarized translations. For notarized translations you must go to a public notary in person.

Our patented real-time review procedures guarantee that you will receive a precise legal translation and timely delivery.


Other types of documents we translate include:

• Arbitration
• Corporate Law
• Criminal Law
• Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) Law
• Energy, Oil and Gas Law
• Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts
• Family Law
• Franchises
• Immigration Law
• Insurance Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• International Law
• Labor and Employment Law
• Lender Liability
• Libel / Slander
• Litigation
• Medical Malpractice
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Patents, Trademark & Copyright
• Product Liability
• Real Estate Law
• Renewable & Alternative Energy Law
• Tax law
• Workers' Compensation Contracts
• Powers of Attorney
• Insurance Policies
• Deeds & Wills
• Immigration Documents
• Witness Statements
• Articles of Association Laws & Codes of Practice
• Technical Translation
• Technical, Engineering, and Scientific.

Please contact us with your specific request and we will expertly fill your needs.

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