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Exhibit & fairs

Conference and global trade shows are increasingly important for companies wishing to make an international mark. Although English is the most common language in the business world, there will always be a gap between two people who aren't completely comfortable in their non-native language, and they will prefer to be addressed in their native language with a simultaneous translation. The ability to connect to these non-English speakers at such events is crucial. Call on Native Speaker Translation Inc. for simultaneous translation and conference interpreters to take the extra step to reach out to those people who want to fully understand and to be fully heard.

Each of these appearances is an opportunity for your company to make its international presence felt. Improve your business's presence by reaching out to the global participants. Each time you reach out, you can move more product, add to your database of clients or reach your business goals more effectively if you connect with your potential customers in their native languages. Conference interpretation can be key to reaching out to these new customers.

Native Speaker Translation Inc. will customize our conference interpreting services to your particular needs, whether you’re hosting a large convention or a small meeting.

We provide you with the right interpreters, technicians and specialized equipment.

Our goal is to provide complete and cost-effective conference interpreters and simultaneous interpreting services into most languages by translators who have the background and knowledge to exactly translate in your specific field of expertise.

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