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Native Speaker Translation Inc. provides legal interpreters to law firms and courtrooms to provide absolute accuracy in depositions, judicial proceedings, and other venues for giving legal testimony. Our court interpreters hold Court Interpreter Certifications from various legal venues.

Court interpreters are frequently required in civil and criminal legal proceedings. The interpreter must often interpret complex legal procedures and vocabulary, without changing the speaker’s legal register. The interpreters may represent a witness or defendant who speaks or understands little or no English, and depends on their accuracy to make sense of a confusing situation. They may appear at an arraignment, motion, pretrial conference, preliminary hearing, deposition or trial. A court interpreter may also be asked to translate written legal documents on the spot.

In some cases, a state may require that only court-certified and/or trained interpreters participate in legal proceedings.

We have partnered with many law firms who depend on our professional court interpreters for state and federal legal proceedings, depositions and on-the-spot, sight translations of highly confidential material.

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