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Translation of Manuals, Guides and Handbooks

A core feature of our services is the translation of manuals, guides and handbooks in a multitude of languages. We have years of translation experience in producing manuals, guides and handbooks in every field, including those of human resources, manufacturing, medical, safety, final end-user, procedural, specialized technical, household appliances, and others. We work with Fortune 350 companies, non-profit organizations and top government agencies by delivering an accurate, on time and competitively priced product that exceeds ISO standards.

For the translation of technical manuals, engineering specifications or installation guides, Native Speaker Translations, Inc. is the place to shop. We deliver from any language to any other language. Our pricing for these projects also provides a savings to you in the area of 30-40% and with every translation the level of quality and consistency increases.

Translation of Manuals

The translation of a product manual is a necessity for any product manufacturing company. In today’s interconnected global marketplace, almost every product can either be sold internationally or reach consumers who speak a different language. Companies must make their manuals accessible and understandable to as many consumers as possible. So whether you sell only in the U.S. or all over the world, an accurate high quality translation of your manual is necessary to make your product’s information clear to as many customers as is feasible. It is not a choice but a necessity to hold on to your customers.

As part of our protocol for manuals, we concentrate on two elements – quality and price. We have the ability in this division to create a specialized pricing structure that will give you the most competitive prices in the industry. The pricing structure will also increase the quality of the translations by increasing the level of quality and consistency.

Some of the Manuals we frequently translate are:

Construction Manuals

Employee Manuals

Human Resources Manuals

Electronic Manuals

Engineering Specifications

Medical Manuals

Instruction Manuals

Policy Manuals

Operating Manuals

Safety Manuals

Software Manuals

Technical Manuals


Translation of Guides

The translation of Guides, similar to that of manuals, is critical for most companies that are producing a product or providing a service. Customer satisfaction and safety means a repeat customer. Accurately describing the correct usage of your product or service will make all the difference. As with the translation of Manuals, we have a specialized pricing structure for the translation of Guides.

Some of the Guides we frequently translate are:

Assembly Guides

Electronic Guides

Instruction Guides

Patent Applications

Patent Guides

Product Guides

Maintenance Guides


Translation of Handbooks

Accurate Handbook translations are very important in today’s business environment. For internal communications, universally understood human resource handbooks will increase productivity and decrease differences among employees drawn from different countries, languages and cultures. To communicate the company’s message clearly and correctly, everyone needs to be on the same page and different words have to have the same meaning.

For communication outside of the company, handbooks help provide companies a useful plan to educate their localized markets. Providing additional specialized local information can make the difference in acquiring and retaining local customers. We have the expertise of crafting that message into the cultural and linguistic language.

Some of the Handbooks are frequently translate are:

Business Ethics

Codes of Conduct

Educational Handbooks

Employee Handbooks

Office Handbooks

Medical Handbooks

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