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Media Translation

The technical, legal, scientific and medical translators must be experts in conceptual exactness and terminological precision. But the translation of literature, media content and marketing requires a different kind of talent that focuses on human culture and all the complexities and often purposeful ambiguities in human thought and language.

Often these texts use literary devices, such as puns, metaphors, and symbolism to target human emotions rather than to communicate cut and dry practical information. In order to match the original text, we use translators experienced in literary translations. It is our goal to evoke the exact emotions and values of the author while maintaining the integrity of the original text. This requires talented translators who are not just fluent in the other language, but who are accomplished literary writers themselves.

Literary Translation

To make a good literary or marketing translation, the linguist must have a feel for the context of the text and must also be able to match the author’s original intent.

Our select linguists are trained to understand the literary or marketing context of the text so that the translation reflects not only the literal translation, but also the stylistic, rhetorical and culturally specific which determine the text’s meaning.

If you have a book that needs to be translated, we take pride in our high level literary translation services.

Media Translations

Native Speaker Translations, Inc. specializes in press releases, news articles, multimedia presentations and digital content. We are experts in the media industry. We understand the need for quick, accurate translations and have years of experience working with top media organizations across the globe.

We are organized and prepared day or night to provide last minute changes and quick turnaround on translation projects for all types of media.

Some of the media related documents are typically translate include:

Press Releases

Digital Content


Multimedia Presentations

Customer Letters and Invoices

Brochures and Other Marketing Materials

Comlete Press Kits

News Articles

TV and Radio Reports

Corporate Communications

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