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Translation Services Agreement

Copyright in Original Text

Native Speaker Translation Inc. accepts an order from the Client based on the understanding that the relationship shall be considered discrete and not include any third party. In all cases, the Client undertakes to hold Native Speaker Translation Inc. harmless from any claim or infringement of copyright and/or translation rights. Likewise from any legal action, including that which may arise between individuals as a result of the content of the original text or its translation.


Fees and Quotations

A quotation given after copy has been seen by Native Speaker Translation Inc. and shall remain valid for acceptance within a period of thirty days from the date on which it was given, after which time it may be subject to revision.

Return postal charges will be charged to the client.  Other special expenses incurred in connection with the translation may also be charged in addition to the fee. Where delivery requested by the Client involves expenditure, the additional cost shall be charged to the Client unless the reason for the additional cost is attributed to Native Speaker Translation Inc.

Delivery and Payment

Any delivery date or dates agreed to between Native Speaker Translation Inc. and the Client shall be binding only after Native Speaker Translation Inc. has seen the full text to be translated, and may be subject to amendment in light of any changes made subsequently by the Client.

Payment in full to Native Speaker Translation Inc. shall be effected within 30 days from the date on the invoice. For long assignments or texts, Native Speaker Translation Inc. may request periodic partial payments on terms to be agreed upon or require a retainer fee for the service. Retainer fee to be a third of the total job estimate payable up front and sent with estimate approval before Native Speaker Translation Inc. are commissioned.

Copyright in translations

Where documents, advertising and promotional material are to be used for normal business purposes, it is accepted as standard business practice that payment of the fee to Native Speaker Translation Inc. automatically transfers to the Client in perpetuity all rights in the text, including copyright and the right to amend, and Native Speaker Translation Inc. shall have no claim on the Client in respect to that translation, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Confidentiality and Safe-keeping of the Client's Documents

Native Speaker Translation Inc. shall at no time disclose to any Third Party any information contained in the Client's original documents or translations thereof, without the express authorization of the Client.

Native Speaker Translation Inc. is responsible for the safe-keeping of the Client's documents or translations thereof, including copies, while these are in Native Speaker Translation Inc. keeping, and shall ensure their secure disposal.

If requested to do so by the Client, Native Speaker Translation Inc. will insure documents in transit from Native Speaker Translation Inc., at the Client's expense.


TRANSLATION: If work is commissioned and subsequently cancelled, the Client shall pay Native Speaker Translation Inc. either a sum equal to the proportion of the complete fee which the work completed bears to the original text and a further sum charged on a time basis for preliminary research and enquiries, or shall pay Native Speaker Translation Inc. some other compensatory sum to be agreed upon between the parties. The work completed shall be available to the Client after payment has been received.

INTERPRETING: Once a booking is confirmed, the following cancellation charges may be levied: less than 24 hours notice - fee payable in full. More than 24 hours notice - at the discretion of Native Speaker Translation Inc.

Complaints and Disputes

Any complaint in connection with work carried out shall be made by the Client to Native Speaker Translation Inc. (or vice versa) within 6 weeks of the date of delivery of the translation. If the parties are unable to agree, the client agrees to contact an outside third party arbitrator within a time limit of two months from the date on which the original complaint was made. By the application and acceptance of these Terms of Business, it is implicitly agreed a priori, that the decision of the arbitrators shall be final and binding on both parties.

Native Speaker Translation Inc. does not accept any liability for translations undertaken over the telephone or by fax.

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