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Voice over

Native Speaker Translation provides voice prompts for all telephone applications, whether for large Interactive Voice Response systems or for simple auto-attendant or voice mail recording. Native Speaker Translation has the experience, expertise, and the resources to produce the finest quality voice over recordings for all telephone applications.

All of our voice overs are produced and mastered in our professional state-of-the-art recording studios. We are experts at optimizing your product for extremely smooth playback over any telephone system. We at Native Speaker Translation Inc. pride ourselves in providing the best telephone voice overs for all voice applications.


We have the capabilities to produce voice over recordings for any type of phone system. If you have a VOIP system (virtual PBX) such as Asterisk, or whether you utilize a PBX hardware machine or even on your cell phone: we deliver your professionally produced voice over files in whatever format your system requires.

Some of the more common systems include the following:

Voice Mail Recordings
Voice Prompts
Interactive Voice Response (IVRs)
Message on-Hold
Announcement Messages
Outbound Messages
Phone Greetings
Messages for Marketing
Telephone Surveys and Promotions


For your next Power Point presentation, you may want a specific style of voice over to create a feeling of authority, or you may want a charismatic, compelling voice for a YouTube marketing video. Perhaps you want to find the perfect voice to entrance an audience to help roll out your next product demo. We have it all.

For over ten years we have been producing voice overs on thousands of subjects, aimed at almost any type of audience you can picture. We think the right voice for the right subject for the right project can make the difference in your video project, application or presentation. The right voice brings the product to life and makes a product memorable.

We have a large number of outstanding, professional artists and one of their voices will be the right one to complete your presentation. The perfect voice will add to the professional polish of your product demo.

We offer voice overs in every international languages. So no matter who or where your target market, we can make sure your message is heard loud and clear. Top quality voice overs will make sure that your message is delivered the way you want it.

NO MATTER THE product, WE have a voice for you.

Native Speaker Translation has a long history of producing a wide array of products. Here are some of the types of projects we excel at producing:

PowerPoint Presentations
Software Tutorials
CBT (Computer Based Training)
Macromedia Flash
Audio Manuals
Internet Audio
In-flight Entertainment
Corporate Training Videos
Educational Videos
YouTube Videos
Audio Books
Product Demos
Public Announcement Systems
Web/Smartphone Applications


A great way to engage and inform clients is productions involving Music-On-Hold. You have a captive customer: why not entertain and inform them while they wait?

Combining our large pool of voice talent with a huge selection of engaging music tracks you select, keep your customers happy and engaged with an On-Hold-Production that is specifically designed for your business – any way you want it!


Cut through the white noise and make sure your message rings out loud and clear above the distractions. And, just as important, your production is going to sound great.

We at Native Speaker Translation Inc. are experts at producing professional voice recordings for all kinds of projects. We provide solutions for every business need.

Stand out from the crowd with a professionally produced voice-over – we at Native Speaker Translation Inc. will make your message ring clear.

Our radio spots and television commercials are all mastered to CD quality and ready to captivate your target audience. Our custom tailored packages include a complete buyout of all licensing rights so you have no royalties to pay. Your Native Speaker Translation voice recording product is fully licensed so that it may be delivered to whatever market you choose.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our goal is the same: to provide you with all your voice over needs. Our professional voice production team is standing by to get your job done right.

From IVR to On-Hold messaging to any type of voice over narration, Native Speaker Translation is here to do the job for you.

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