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Highest Quality, Expert Accuracy in Multimedia Localization Projects

The process of translation for audio, video and multimedia can be difficult because there is an additional layer to the translation process. Translation of the original text is only the first step.

The next step is to perform or re-enact the translated text. Our dedicated linguists have to re-create the tone, breath, style, pacing, and local customs of the original piece all while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. The project is further complicated because the completed text must remain in synch with the original video images. This further impacts the decisions of the translator, who may have to adjust the syntax, gender/declension, and the length of the translated product. It is a lot of balls to juggle, and they all have to come down precisely at the same time. We are expert jugglers.

The highest quality translation of the original script is the crucial foundation for the success of any project. Native Speaker Translation Inc.’s expertise in Audio and Video Translation guarantees the accuracy, fluency and highest quality of every multimedia translation project we undertake.

Our Audio and Video Translation team of specialists provides the highest quality audio/visual localization and translation of all multimedia formats. We specialize in feature length fiction or non-fiction films, short subject films, episodic TV, presentations, videos, audio recordings and more.

Native Speaker Translation Inc. has full service multilingual multimedia production team and facilities for any client who wants to create multilanguage versions of webcasts, training materials, eLearning, Web casts, product demonstrations, voice response systems or any other way you can think of delivering text, audio and/or video content.

For more than six years, our audio and visual translation service professionals have worked hard together to produce the world's best multimedia localizations. These targeted localizations will help your company reach out to the billions of people all over the globe's who do not use English as a first language.

We will work hand in hand with your company to determine our approach. We will work closely with your team to determine the best method to localize your materials for your target audience before we start our production process. We regard client participation, review, feedback, and approval as central pillars for producing the best product. Our clients will often join in our recording sessions through a phone patch to ensure that the voice quality, timing, emphasis, and mixing of words, music and sound effects are precisely meeting their expectations. Any translated version must match the quality and sophistication of the English language original in every regard.

Selecting the Services that are right for you

Our expert staff has years of experience in order to localize videos or audio tracks into other languages and cultures.

Some of our techniques include:

Lip-synching. The on camera actor's voice is carefully and precisely dubbed over in the target language;

Voice-over added production, a technique brought to prominence in the United Nations, in which the original audio is retained but mixed down to a lower level while the native speaker translation is heard as the dominant voice;

Multi-Language subtitling and captioning services for each and every multimedia format. Subtitles can be placed anywhere on screen, or in multiple locations in order to keep the subtitling out of the way of the on-screen action.

Multimedia Captioning: Native Speaker Translation can create fresh product from scratch or enhance already completed videos with multimedia captions in order to highlight on screen activities for learning, tutorial or other purposes.

While many clients select voice-over narration, each project should be judged on its own merits. There are many projects that would benefit from the selection of subtitles or lip-synching. We have experts to advise and consult on the best choices for your project. We have a large pool of professional voice over artists to choose from in all languages. Voice over reels and samples are always available on request to assist the client in finding the best possible candidates.

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