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Software Translation

Native Speaker Translations, Inc. works with its software clients to meet the key objectives associated with software translation, internationalization, localization and globalization, including the following elements:

Completing a fully functional and tested product that can manage multiple languages.

A fully trained staff of translators that can implement updates and changes in all languages.

Creating a platform to introduce new markets at the lowest incremental costs.

Having processes and procedures in place to improve customer functionality and satisfaction, which will positively impact sales.

Our experience has given us great insight into the nuances and expertise necessary to turn a software program into a multi-language product. This experience includes the translation and localization of the following:

Software/ User Interface Code

Software Manuals

Help Screens, Instructions, Menus, Shortcut Keys

Warranty Agreements

License Agreements

Legal and Information Security Disclaimers

Marketing Material and Packaging Content

Cultural-Related Content and End User Customs


Software Internationalization

Native Speaker Translation, Inc. has teams at the ready to bring your software program to the global marketplace through its comprehensive Internationalization service.

Internationalization of a software program involves the development of a new (or modification of an existing) product so that the software can be used in many languages and sold in different countries. Our software experts use special coding to allow for the seamless management of information in multiple languages.

Software Localization

One logistical challenge with software internationalization is separating the source text from source code. The integrity of the code needs to be preserved while the text, both visible and hidden, which is to be translated or localized needs to be separated from the code.

Software localization can potentially explode your sales. We are the expert software translators who ensure that the job is done right.

Software Globalization

The plan to launch into global markets should be included in the normal product development cycle. If tackled early in development of the product, the primary code will be written in a way that allows for the efficient roll out to multiple languages in many different countries. The software will have the ability to edit, track and upload new text.



iPhone & Android applications and software Translation


Globalizing websites, iPhone & Android applications and software, all at the rock bottom price starting at per word


Our team of website translators and our high level of app localization technology allows our translators to work 50% faster. That cuts our costs, and cuts your costs too.


Your translation is completed by expert professional translators, all writing in their native languages.

Your satisfaction is the paramount. Take advantage of our personal approach to customer service.


Professional translation for your iPhone app and iTunes descriptions


If you want to find more users for your iPhone app, open up your app to more markets. Go global by translating it. We will give you the highest quality translation quickly, easily and on the smallest of budgets. 

As well as translating the app into any language you choose, we will take care of the accompanying iTunes store description so that your product stands out in the crowded AppStore space.


Expert Translation for iPhone Developers


Smooth Process

We have made the process of translating iPhone apps fast and efficient. The entire start up process will only take a few moments from your end. Upload the resource files, pay for the work to be done and then download the prepared translation file, prepped and ready for Xcode. It couldn't be any easier.


Fast and Easy Updates 

As your apps evolves, so does the translation. If you have a new version, simply upload the resource file. Our professionals will quickly detect the updated and modified strings and refresh the translation.


Accurate and Professional Translation 

You may communicate directly with our professional translators. Our team will learn what your app does and who its target audience is. Our professionals will create translations that recreate the essence of your application.


Cost Effective

Your only costs will be for the translation. We have no hidden fees. Because 80% of your fees are delivered to the translator, your costs are minimized and the translators are well paid. 

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