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Native Speaker Translation Inc. is an expert full service translation provider

Native Speaker Translation Inc. is an expert full service translation provider

Native Speaker Translation Inc. is an expert full service translation provider. One field of specialty that we are proud to emphasize is the work we do on websites. We not only translate the sites, but we localize them.

Studies show that most Internet users are not native English speakers, and most prefer to make their online purchases on websites in their native language. A professionally translated website is mandatory in order to reach these international customers. Just as important, a web site should be not simply translated but must be adapted to the local language, culture, and conventions of the region. That is localization and that is where we excel.

There are multiple ways to translate text - direct interface with the site's content management system, a direct translation of the XML/ HTML files or by providing the text in Word/Excel or other text files. We do them all.

Native Speaker Translation Inc. has an internal XML/HTML editor that will only translate text without altering the HTML tags or meta data.

We strive to make our iPhone and Android application translation as simple as possible. Getting started on a translation of your application will take up only a few minutes of your time. Upload the resource files, pay for the translation and download the translated resource files, ready for Xcode.

It's easy to update with Native Speaker Translation. As your app evolves, so will the translation. When you have a new version ready, simply upload the resource file. Our experts will detect the changes and updated the modified strings and update the translation for your app.

You will communicate directly with our expert translators. Our staff will study what your app does and to whom it is being marketed. We will produce translations that capture the spirit of your application.

Software Internationalization

Native Speaker Translation, Inc. has teams at the ready to bring your software program to the global marketplace through its comprehensive Internationalization service.

Internationalization of a software program involves the development of a new (or modification of an existing) product so that the software can be used in many languages and sold in different countries. Our software experts use special coding to allow for the seamless management of information in multiple languages.

One logistical challenge with software internationalization is separating the source text from source code. The integrity of the code needs to be preserved while the text, both visible and hidden, which is to be translated or localized needs to be separated from the code.

Software localization can potentially explode your sales. We are the expert software translators who ensure that the job is done right.

Ideally, the plan to launch into global markets should be included in the normal product development cycle. If tackled early in development of the product, the primary code will be written in a way that allows for the efficient roll out to multiple languages in many different countries. The software will have the ability to edit, track and upload new text.

You only pay for translation, nothing else. There are no fixed costs and no hidden fees. Because 80% of what you pay for goes to the translator, you end up paying very little and get top translators in the industry.

Translating and localizing your application is the fastest way to more sales. Your app will be immediately available to more clients in more countries.

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